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In honor of our good neighbours to the north (who recently hosted the Alphabets at First Nations University in Regina, Saskatchewan), and good neighbours everywhere, I’m offering a discounted price on the Endangered Alphabets book for two weeks only–that is, until April 5, 2014. To get the sale price of $24, click on the PAY NOW button below, not the BUY NOW button above. Clear?

Endangered Alphabets, with an introduction by David Crystal, author of The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language, is the principal source of income for the Endangered Alphabets project, which is not supported by any grant or foundation. Buying the book goes a long way to keeping me in the carving business!

The goal of Endangered Alphabets, the book, is to act as a catalogue to the exhibition, but to go farther and raise questions about writing itself: how it develops, what it expresses beyond straightforward meaning, how it is being affected by all the rapid changes in technology.

In his Introduction to Endangered Alphabets, David Crystal writes:

“This is an unusual book, combining elements of linguistics, aesthetics, biography, and travelogue. The vocabularies of art and linguistic science become bedfellows, and each seems comfortable with the other. Its honest account of the trials and tribulations of a woodcarver will be a revelation to anyone who has not thought about how such things come to be. The dispassionate observation of a script, seen through the carver’s eye, adds a fresh dimension to our understanding of how a writing system emerges.

“But ‘dispassionate’ is wrong, for one of the main features of this book is the way it conveys its author-carver’s fascination with his subject. Endangered Alphabets is one of a growing genre of accounts of work which is steadily humanizing linguistics, exploring the motivation of those who study languages and those who are the subjects of study. Our appreciation of the character of written language has been greatly increased by Tim Brookes’ sculptural odyssey.”

To read an excerpt from the book, click here.

Individual copies, signed and inscribed, can be purchased for $29.95 plus $3.50 for packing and mailing below ($10 for international shipping). Anyone interested in a review copy should also email me at Copies will also be available wherever the boards are displayed.

I’ll be happy to sign your copy and add a personal inscription to yourself or to whomever you intend to give the book as a gift. Just enter what you’d like me to write here:

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